To infinity and beyond

Dec 9
  • book: he took a bite out of the apple
  • teacher: now what could the apple represent
  • teacher: the red paints a depiction of anger, the boy finally biting into his anger and letting it unleash all the while his innocence is being violated by the teeth of despair and the endless throat that is life and being boiled by the stomach acid of unstoppable death
  • book: calm down
  • students: calm down
  • two characters on tv: *grin at each other*
  • same students on tumblr: oh my god did you see that I've heard that in certain cultures that particular movement of the eyelid is considered a sign of soulbonding and if you go back and examine the last three seasons it's patently obvious that they're screwing you just have to look at the signs
  • tv: calm down